About the project


An invitational exhibition in continental Europe about a year ago caused me to lose an entire collection of work, a flagship-sample and a major part of my larger pieces from the last few years. When the exhibition, a co-operation with an appreciated colleague, was taken down, my contribution of ten larger pieces was packed and handed over to a staff-member pointed out as responsible for the return-freight. It was the last time I saw my work. My inquiries about the delay of the return were met with prevarications until I was finally informed: ”We lost your work, so sorry!” The package with my collection had been left unguarded at the event location and it had disappeared.

This project with its reflective and pictorial context is a thought-to-be final step in a process that covers the long mental deep-dive that followed my loss and the timely prolonged, draining and exhausting efforts required in defending my rights as an artist and the ”value” of my art. My reaction of sorrow, overwhelming grief, anger and sense of being violated, disregarded, physically hurt and creatively disabled were caused not only by the loss but by the lack of decent response and required action taken by the event company responsible for the loss.