2015 Linnea Blomgren


Linnea Blomgren, Sweden


Vertical expanses of textile allow convertible rooms within solid wall spaces and provide visual and additional acoustic separation. A Room of One´s Own,  a place to think. By picking up the thread from Virginia Wolf´s essay with the same name, this work is about claiming space for women artists. The exhibition consists of images from the making of a hanging woven wall. A Room of One´s own was a part of my MFA at Konstfack 2015.

nta24Everyday wear will slowly change the surface made from old clothes and recycled silk cloth.nta6

The idea was to make a room for one single person to enter or wear.

 A Room of one´s own creates a possible brake from the noisy surroundings with its visual separation and sound absorbing construction. The colors are in gradient flow for the eye to wonder and follow the process, the transformation from dark to light, from grey to yellow.

Grey creates balance as a neutral or achromatic color. It is associated with conformity, boredom, old age and modesty. Yellow is a color that stimulates our thoughts. The color of gold and lemons. A primary color associated with amusement, optimism, spontaneity and glory. It cries out for attention.nta21


Inside this space one can experience the materiality and movement in the folded surface. I investigate within the field of textile architecture and look at historical use of carpets and the usage of textile as a building material.

The shape is made by plexi.

Pieces of my woven materials were sound tested at Tyréns, Stockholm with the “tube test”.

My workspace and a model.


A first test to spray paint the weave.


 It is all about the surface and structure.

All images and text © Linnea Blomgren