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Kristin Saeterdal, Norway


 Art Consultant Anne Stabel and the Arts Committee for Søndeled Primary School, commissioned me to do an art project for the school. Energy, colour and rhythm were requested in the art plan. It should be something to inspire creativity and curiosity. They also selected me on the basis of my pictures of alien worlds. The video about the design process are seven minutes long.

7 kraftfelt Kraftfelt


I made the design while being Artist in Residency at the Australian Tapestry Workshop, and I made many drawings to develop different ideas, and merge them into one image. The work shows a capsule containing some unknown kind of energy. The capsule is made to capture and control the energy. I hope to express the dualism between the capsule and the energy, the inside and the outside, the controlled and the wild.

9 kraftfeltKraftfelt

To make a commission is always a challenge, to fit the architecture, the idea and the artwork together in a meaning full way. I wanted to make an object that made a clear statement in the vertical room of the stairway.



The cave or grotto is an archetypal motif in both art history and popular culture. In this case it is a double cave, with multiple choices as to where to go to the next level. The cave has no natural light and it has got hidden secrets. One reference is Platos Allegory of the Cave, and there are many other interpretations. The cave was Mankind’s first dwelling place. The spacecraft is about to enter the cave, and the light beam can symbolise the intervention of modern science and technology.


SONY DSC Remembrance

The work was made for an exhibition at RAM gallery in Oslo September 2012. It was hung from the roof construction as an Installation, the whole gallery space was painted black. Size:1,5×4 meter.

2 Remembrance Remembrance

3 Remembrance Remembrance

Recently it was purchased for Hammer secondary school in Akershus, Norway, and has now got a permanent home there.

SONY DSCRemembrance

SONY DSC Remembrance


Technology is today’s new religion. It will save us from the dangers that threaten our planet whether natural disasters or man-made problems such as global warming and storage of nuclear waste. The question is whether we “believe” it or not. Technology and machinery are often used as a contrast to the vibrant and irrational. Technology should be used and controlled by people but what about human error? If project earth goes wrong and technologies fails to fix it, then leaving the planet is our only hope.


11 The Red CapsuleThe Red Capsule

The Red Capsule expresses a world without nature, everything is artificial. The panels displays many options, and it all comes down to pushing the right one.

The consequence of pushing the button is unknown.

12 The Red Capsule The Red Capsule

13 The Rec CapsuleThe Red Capsule

15 The Red Capsule The Red Capsule


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