Gina Hedegaard Nielsen 2014

– An exhibition at Frederikshavn Art Museum, Denmark, March-April 2014.
Gina Hedegaard Nielsen, Denmark


When creating the works for this exhibition, my focus was the duality of life – exposed here in three different works.

01. SanctuaryFrom the exhibition Sanctuary.

02. SanctuaryFrom the exhibition Sanctuary.


03. Sanctuary

04. SanctuaryFragile Life is more than one hundred eggshells lying on the floor. The eggshells are fragile and all made of paper and telling the story of life and Death.


05. SanctuaryGuano is manipulated photos (prints) of bird excrements turned into a graphic statement. It shows the surprising beauty of guano which we mostly find ugly and disgusting.


06. Sanctuary07. Sanctuary9. Sanctuary10. SanctuaryMy Seagull Family is a series of portraits of the seagulls living around the house in which I stayed for a month. The drawings are caricatures made with pastels.


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All text and images © Gina Hedegaard Nielsen