2015 Elsa Agélii – In between

Elsa Agélii,Sweden


Our contemporary world disturbs my mind.
In any way I need to reflect this.
With stiches I fasten the reflexion for a while, I make it visible.
To transform anxiety into creativity can calm my soul.


Söker nåt nytt...P1070368Threat Triptyk2013 52×16,5 cm

Here IN BETWEEN I want to show images that occure during the searching for something new. In this way I try to understand what I will do the next.
I read a lot of texts that give impulses. One important book is ”Omställningens tid”, ”Time of Transition” by Björn Forsberg.

My last project WATER AND DESERT 2003-2014 is completed after a serie of exhibitions in different places.
A few works are shown in the second part of this exhibition.
Now I’m searching for a new challenge.
IN BETWEEN I do this show.

12 Threat 2013 16,5x16,5 cmInvisible Threat 2013 16,5×16,5 cm

 I want to work intuitively and find expressions, stories about our world’s big questions. I start with many haphazard textile prints, and let my thoughts meet theese prints and suddenly a story can occure! Which the stiches help to develop.

13 Livets samband manipuleras, hotas 2014 20x20 cmThe connections of Life are manipulated 2014 20×20 cm

14 Livets Samband ägt av Monsanto 2014 20x20 cmThe connections of Life are owned by Monsanto 2014 20×20 cm

15 alt 2 Angel in a Tempel's Ceiling, Bundi, IndiaIn a temple ceiling in the town Bundi in India I found this angel.

19 Angel from Bundi made in  Lake View hostel, Bundi 2013 m. reskamrat MonikaAngel from Bundi is made in Lake View Guesthouse, Bundi

When the angel met a piece of cloth it was the start for a concept about angels in a burning world.


18 Angel from Bundi  2014 20x20 cm Angel from Bundi 2013 20×20 cm

Recently I thought very much about the electro-magnetic rays that appear to be very dangerous for Life. The towers and archades come from a place where Rudyard Kipling completed The Djungle Book.

20 Guarding Angel 2014 20x20 cmProtecting Angel 2014 20×20 cm
21 Sunsaving Angel 2014,20x20 cmSunsaving Angel 2014 20×20 cm
22 TigerLife in an Oilpalm Plantation 2014 20x20 cmjpgTigerlife in Oil Palm Plantation? 2014 20×20 cm

28 Letter from the Frog - work in progress, summer 2014Letter from the frog, 6 pieces in progress in my garden last summer.

23 Letter from the Frog  2014, 11,5x11,5 cmLetter from the frog 1 2014 11,5×11,5cm

24 Letter from the Frog 3 2014, 11,5x11,5 cmLetter from the frog 2

25 Letter from the Frog  2014, 11,5x11,5Letter from the frog 3

26 Letter from the Frog 2014, 11,5x11,5 cmLetter from the frog 4

27 Letter from the frog 2014 11.5x11,5 cmLetter from the frog 5

29 Försök att balansera överlastad farkost 2013 20x25 cmAttempt to balance an overloaded vehicle 2013 20×25 cm


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All images and text © Elsa Agélii