Jeanette Schäring 2013

Jeanette Schäring, Sweden

An artistic, visionary, experimental and transdisciplinary collaboration between
art, craft and science.

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My work is based on nature as genius and the transformation of colour and matter, where I release the invisible, forgotten and unexplained in nature that can create colour through photosynthesis. A transformation from one form to another, from one colour to another – the invisible into colours. With humility and love for the organic natural materials/fibres changeability, processes and transience, I am embedding my deep distress for our vulnerable environment, the fight against time and humans natural mechanism for dealing with changeability and chaos, but also the desire to systematise, collect and obey.

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My holistic deep interest in nature and human ecology extends through the entire process, the seeds, the soil, urban growing and permaculture. Food and colour follow each other.

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I am seeking a sensory dimension of experience and communication with colour, shape, material as life changing in the space and physical essence matter – the material sensuous and the transformation of the material (matter), entanglement and connection between my body, the natural colour and matter as an organism in tune. Perceiving the haptic perception in communication between my skin – the body as an organism, the natural colour, the coloured material/fibre, water and the coloured organic colour as living material in conjunction with my body and skin. I think it’s fascinating when the organic material/fibre and the biological colour force transforms into a unified physical form.

Our bodies consist largely of living organisms that our lives rely on; micro- macro; life as an open flow, impossible to separate into individual pieces as man, as animal and body, a dependent system.

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By highlighting new opportunities and making way for the natural colour as an environmentally friendly alternative to our often toxic and out of the viewpoint of resources, impoverishing, synthetic pigments, we can take back a forgotten craft tradition in a new way. Natural colour offers an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic dyes when it comes from food scraps, plants that are renewable, non-toxic and biodegradable.

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I am using natural colour as some kind of an indicator for the environment, water and colour processes.

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My artistic work research process is like life itself – as an open flow, a process of genesis, impossible to define in separate pieces. The work is process oriented, observed while it changes with time, dependent on light, water, wind, soil, temperature, air, geography, space and human interaction. Process-based with the moment, temporary installations, water and pigment, development of site-specific matter that grows transforming these physical moments and playing with visions through transparency and translucency to create complex space shifting over time – where time and space are interventions of the contemporary. The environmental physics of life and all energy that is suspended and vibrating together in an enormous system. To create colour and change – a resonance of nature’s complexity, a sensitivity to natures rhythm, undulations and mutations.

 All text and images © Jeanette Schäring