Foto Lovaas & Wagle

EVERYDAY MATTER – THE VALUE OF TEXTILE ART – A textile exhibition at the Textile Museum of Sweden – in large formats ”The slow processes of textile art with everyday materials as starting point. Its methods eliminate time and communicate through their materiality. Threads we all recognise but take years to master. While we look back in history, we work towards yet undiscovered possibilities. Everyday Matter – A critical processing of daily life. The platform is Nordic Textile Art 2017.”


_DSC7995Foto Jan Berg 

In September 2017, ETN (European Textile Network) has its annual meeting at the Textile Museum of Sweden, supported by NTA arranging a conference with the title ”XXXXover Borås 2017, XVIII European Network Conference”. The Conference aims to present a global perspective of the different textile practices and their interactions with a special focus on sustainable creativity and innovation in Textile Art & Design. The city of Borås will during theentire period of time be dedicated to textiles, as many galleries have decided to take part in the event, and NTA – in cooperation with the Textile Museum – would like to present a notable exhibition of works in large formats with the title ”Everyday Matter”. The exhibition will take place at the Textile Museum of Sweden from the 16th of September 2017 to the 18th of January 2018. As the exhibition is part of a bigger textile meeting, it will be seen by many and be a significant platform for the Nordic textile art.

_DSC7967Foto Jan Berg


_DSC7995Foto Jan Berg


_DSC7974Foto Jan Berg


_DSC7993Foto Jan Berg


_DSC7981Foto Jan Berg



_DSC8633Bryndis Björgvinsdóttir ”Söguskór” (IS) . Foto Jan Berg



_DSC8640Helga Palina Brynjolfsdóttir (IS) ”Everydays meditation” . Foto Jan Berg


_DSC8645Laura Isoniemi ”Roleplay of life of a woman” (FI). Foto Jan Berg 


_DSC8650Elisabeth Brenner Remberg ”Vita strukturer I, II” (SE) . Foto Jan Berg


_DSC8658Raija Jokinen (FI) ”Lindad med vardagen” ( Måndag / Rent sinne / Vardagsfest) .           Foto Jan Berg 


_DSC8662Ulla-Maija Wikman ”Reflektion” (FI). Foto Jan Berg 


_DSC8673Grethe Witrock ”Migrating Birds” (DK) . Foto Jan Berg


_DSC8677Silja Puranen ”The Warhorse” (FI) . Foto Jan Berg


_DSC8692Kerstin Lindström ”Läckan” (SE). Foto Jan Berg 


_DSC8757_DSC8717Josabet Werkmäster (SE) ”Historien, glömskan och framtiden”. Foto Jan Berg 


_DSC8709Linnea Blomgren ”Tid är Liv” (SE) . Fot Jan Berg 


_DSC8743Løvaas & Wagle (NO) ”Till Hannah, Agnes, Frida och Jessica” . Foto Jan Berg 



_DSC8737Emelie Röndahl ”Ättestupa 1” (SE) . Foto Jan Berg 



_DSC8754Aino Kajaniemi ”Labyrinth” (FI) . Foto Jan Berg 


_DSC8732Ane Henriksen ”Business Sky” (DK). Foto Jan Berg 


_DSC8746Ásta Gudmunsdóttir ”After the rain” (IS) . Foto Jan Berg 


_DSC8762Elsa Agélii ”Marocko” (SE). Foto Jan Berg 


_DSC8766Vibeke Lindhardt ”Remse med fodnoter” (DK). Foto Jan Berg